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Our business is founded on the basis of a combination of specialist expertise, proven experience, and great understanding of the needs of our clients. We are proud to work with the foremost names in our sector. 


We work hard to simplify and organise the approach to airworthiness, because that’s how it can be tested for rigour and effectiveness. Our 3-tier approach spans Strategy, Policy & Process and puts accountability in place from the outset. 

“If you truly understand the intent of the regulations and the needs of the manufacturers and operators then bringing it all together gets that little bit easier”

Andy Young
A400M Beach Landings
Aviation Safety

In an area driven by Standards, good safety management remains a complex undertaking. Knowledge of the standards, and the experience required to know when to adopt, adapt, or augment them are essential. Good engineering judgment must be augmented by a depth of knowledge only found in the most experienced consultants, and that’s why prime contractors choose SQEP.

“A safety case should be understood early in a project. That way you’ll be confident about having the evidence and backup material needed later”

Jim Mateer
Manpower substitution

From individual specialists to whole delivery or engineering teams, every organisation needs help from time to time. SQEP people have a well deserved reputation for making a positive impact.

Paul Mayo - Managing Director

“It’s about finding the right fit for both the client and the associate. Knowledge and experience are essential, but so too is a smooth working environment made up of the right mix of people”

Paul Mayo

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