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The SQEP senior team have unparalleled depth of experience in defence and industry.

Paul Mayo - Founder & MD

A former Royal Air Force Engineering Officer, Paul has specialised in complex systems safety for more than 20 years. Recent technical experience has included heading up technical teams providing safety support to MOD Delivery Teams, Prime Contractors and sub-Contractors, providing expert System and Software Safety Consultancy and delivering Independent Safety Auditor services to Unmanned Air Systems and Land and Weapons Systems. He founded SQEP 6 years ago and has held board-level positions, with overall responsibility for technical governance, assurance and competence, for over 10 years. Paul is a former Chairman of the Safety and Reliability Society, the internationally recognised professional institution for safety, reliability and risk management engineers across all industries.

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

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Paul Mayo - Managing Director

Andy Young - Director Of Engineering Solutions

Andy is the Director Of Engineering Solutions with over 39 years experience in aviation safety, airworthiness and engineering as well as a background in Cyber Defence, Aircraft Defensive Aids and ground communications systems. He adopts a pragmatic, systems-based approach to airworthiness and clients welcome his willingness to say ’no’ and furnish them with the advice they need to overcome obstacles to good delivery.
Andy has a reputation for complex problem solving, rapidly assimilating situational awareness in high pressure environments to work out priorities and ways ahead to recover.
His experience has included being a LoAA delegated airworthiness holder, managing Strategic Capability Programmes and Plans, acting as Head of Branch for Cyber Defence and a myriad of certification, safety and airworthiness roles.

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Andy Young - Principal Consultant

Jim Mateer - Systems Safety Director

Jim is SQEP’s Systems Safety Director and a former Royal Air Force Engineering Officer with a background in the hazardous fast jet and weapons environment. His Masters Degree in Safety Critical Systems Engineering culminated with his presenting research into the classification and assessment of Safety Related Information Systems. For over 15 years he has specialised in safety and airworthiness engineering, management and independent audit and evaluation, within a number of diverse domains including fixed and rotary wing aviation, weapons, ISTAR, autonomy, protective clothing, hydrogen fuel cells, armoured vehicles and software. During his time with a global electronics manufacturer, Jim specialised in product and functional safety, compliance to EU legislation and CE Marking. Recently Jim provided Independent Safety Auditing services for the UK Ministry of Defence’s suite of future armoured fighting vehicles and been supporting a global aviation manufacturer improve its management of airworthiness. Jim is also adept at the construction and delivery of safety training courses, providing courses on functional safety, risk identification and assessment, safety management, and specialist risk management training.

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Jim Mateer - Systems Safety Director
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