About us

Our Ethos

We believe that because we are experts we are able to distill your requirement and identify and select the right people or team. From our clients’ perspective, not just someone they will accept, but the professional they need.

These are our values, and they are evident in the personal capability and approach of our senior team.

There are manpower providers who might farm CVs on an industrial scale, but they have limited direct knowledge, experience or empathy with the challenges and pressures faced by our clients. Their way is not our way.

At SQEP expertise is embedded in our culture from our Founder down. It is that commitment to our core values and capability that ensures results.

 Our careers have been honed in the specialisms of safety and airworthiness coupled with a wealth of leadership experience in both industry and military service. The result is that everything we do, the soft skills, our attitude and approach are all aligned with the unique demands of your industry.

In Practice

We take this core belief and apply it to the challenges faced by our clients

Engineering & Airworthiness

We recognise and understand the fundamental shared principles with system safety and can bridge the divide between the Type Airworthiness considerations and potential impacts to the operational duty holders and users.  With experienced Delegation Holders to hand, we understand the strategic regulatory context our clients need to work within and will provide pragmatic, common sense approaches and sage advice.

Systems Safety

In Safety, context is everything. Our fundamental approach ensures that no program can find itself caught in a last minute box-ticking exercise which fails to meet the underlying needs of the client or the system’s operator. This is true regardless of whether that system is a platform, a modification or a piece of safety-critical software . SQEP’s systems approach to Safety is how we achieve this.

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