Our mission is keeping yours safe

SQEP is committed to ensuring the operational success and the protection of lives and the environment by training, developing and delivering uniquely capable experts to the most acute safety-critical challenges.


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SQEP is not only home to the most experienced and practiced specialist civilian and military safety experts in the UK; we’re mentoring and training a new generation of practitioners for rapidly evolving aerospace, transport and environmental sectors.


/01 overview

Expertise is nothing without the attitude required to deliver it

We champion an objective-focused approach within the context of supportive, committed partnerships with our customers that prioritises alignment with your teams. We align with your drive towards programme delivery and operational success, and we integrate not only the right skills but the right personalities to ensure that happens.

/02 What makes us unique

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SQEP is committed to ensuring the operational success and the protection of lives by training, developing and delivering uniquely capable experts to the most acute safety-critical challenges.

  • Suitable: the right people for the task and team
  • Qualified: highly competent and current
  • Experienced: founded by veterans, we understand the needs and expectations of our defence end users, and apply that same rigour to the commercial sector
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At SQEP we have a wealth of experience; not just of safety and certification implementation within the defence industry but as end users ourselves. Our minds are on the mission at all times and we select our people based not just on their engineering experience and ability, but on their affinity to our values. We expect and accept from ourselves, only the highest quality outputs. As a team, we challenge and support each other and our clients to achieve this standard.

Meet the team
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SQEP is built on a framework of mutual support.  When we deploy into a programme, our ‘forward’ teams do not stand alone, they have the full depth support of the larger SQEP team and access to a bank of knowledge gained over decades of operational experience.

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/01 Human Centred

Our reputation will be built on the quality and appropriateness of
the talent we deploy. Precision matching is dependent on our personal
understanding and investment in our talent pool of experts.

/02 Honourable and Ethical

Our ethics determine that we will be successful by doing things the right way. That’s being open, equitable, fair, honest and considerate of other people and of our impact on our environment.

Our clients depend on us to provide assurance, so they must be able
to trust us implicitly. To shoulder some of their burden, they must believe that we
will uphold our responsibilities diligently, professionally and legally. It is an honour
to receive someone else’s trust, and it must be handled with utmost care.



/03 Objective Driven

Our work has a powerful influence on the success or failure of our clients’ projects. We must be focused on what success looks like and what it will take to achieve it.

SQEP understands the priorities and urgency of the end users and we also understand the need to ensure that their equipment does not put them or the environment at unnecessary risk. Our professional and pragmatic experts balance these demands with the end user in mind at all times.

/04 Collaborative

We bring forward best team-working practices learned from years
of Forces experience. It underpins our collaborative nature and enables us to make
an immediate impact not only technically, but also culturally with our clients.

Our purpose is to help you achieve your purpose.  When you succeed we succeed. Whether through knowledge sharing, skill development or team building we want to help you develop. Our modus operandi is inherently collaborative because ‘you and us’ isn’t as efficient as ‘we’.


“A level of knowledge second to none, and the professionalism to turn that in to direction and advice.”

Head of Certification – Aerial Vehicles

“With SQEP I get someone who can do a job, not someone who needs a job.”

Technical Airworthiness Authority – Rotary

“We were in dire need of your kind of input – the kind that gets us to the end in the best shape.”

Delivery and Programme Lead – Land Systems

“You guys just get it.”

Foreign Military Service Liaison – Rotary



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