SQEP – Suitably Qualified & Experienced Personnel

Suitably Qualified & Experienced Personnel

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SQEP Exists To Provide Expert Technical Safety Consulting Services And Manpower Substitution To MOD Prime Engineering Contractors And Consultancies

Experienced and Qualified support to the Defence engineering community

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At SQEP we take a slightly different approach. Of course, the knowledge, experience and reputation of our people is second to none, but we demand more of ourselves. Everything we do is driven by our clients – we focus on outcomes and give them the tools for success.

We are their critical friend, their trusted advisors, their expert on-hand. 

We are SQEP.

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We take a different approach and it shows

Our client Feedback

“A level of knowledge second to none, and the professionalism to turn that in to direction and advice"
Head of Certification
Aerial Vehicles
“With SQEP I get someone who can do a job, not someone who needs a job”
Technical Airworthiness Authority
“We were in dire need of your kind of input - the kind that gets us to the end in the best shape”
Delivery and Programme Lead
Land Systems
“You guys just get it”
Foreign Military Service Liaison

Driven by knowledge 

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On every program of work we bring to bear decades of experience at the forefront of Defence engineering and safety.

Our areas of Expertise

Aviation Safety

Safety program management, safety case planning and consultancy.


3-Tier Airworthiness Strategy, Policy and Process consultancy and delivery.

Systems Engineering

A systems approach to engineering assurance for safety, relatability and type airworthiness.

Safety Audit

Independent audit conducted by qualified and acknowledged experts in the field.

Program Management

Planning, management and delivery of complex programs.

Safety Case Review

Safety case argument planning, delivery and review.

Manpower Substitution

Access our extensive network of trusted experts, all with relevant real-world experience.

We asked our clients…

"Why choose SQEP?"

…and they said…


Unquestionable Expertise

SQEP assets are the most highly regarded in their field. We actively manage the careers of our staff and associates to ensure that they remain at the forefront of their respective disciplines.


Total Client Focus

We've been told that we always "...provide the team who can do the job, not someone who needs a job". Everything we do is focussed on the outcomes you need.


Unparalleled Effectiveness

Our reputation for hitting the ground running and quickly transforming the projects on which we are engaged is something we are very proud of. We maximise the impact of this by working with you to identify the most effective combination of skills and services even before we are engaged.

Let our experience be your guide 

Understand the art of the Possible

We take a different approach and it shows

Our client Feedback

If I want people who can hit the ground running, you’re who I come to
Chief Airworthiness Engineer
I always know I’m getting the advice I need, not just the answers I’m hoping for
Head of Engineering

Our Candidate Feedback

After a thoroughly rewarding 36 years in the Armed Forces, I was not quite ready to give up my military career and therefore transferred to the Reserves.  In my search for a ‘real’ job, I was keen to find a company that was willing to support, or even actively encourage, my continued participation in the Army.

SQEP Ltd were extremely proactive in supporting me during my resettlement transition. It was clear that both Paul Mayo and Lee Younger were willing to assist, whether I was employed through SQEP or not. They provided sage advice and exceptional support.

It was also evidently clear that SQEP were committed signatories to the Armed Forces Covenant and that they were keen to further encourage and support my involvement in the Reserves.
Lt Col - Ceng FIMechE REME
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