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/01 Programme Recovery

Our extensive experience and sage wisdom allows us to support our clients to rescue wayward programmes. We bring clarity and simplicity to seemingly intractable problems, identify the route to success and protect programmes from future derailments.

/02 Programme Partnering

While we are highly proficient at supporting teams to recover their programmes, being asked to partner a programme from the start offers companies the most efficient use of their time and programme budget. By being brought in early, we can use our wealth of knowledge, experience and foresight to guide teams around time-consuming and expensive pitfalls, ensuring that safety, environmental and certification needs are identified in advance, analysed thoroughly and then evaluated appropriately.  Our aim is to ensure our customers get it right first time.

/03 Programme Support

Sometimes, when you have it all in hand, you just need a critical friend to advise you.  In those situations we are able to provide people with the right qualities to augment your team, helping to ensure that you stay on track to success. We pride ourselves on providing people who share our ethos of professionalism and collaboration and who are able to integrate seamlessly into your team.

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/01 Air Vehicle Safety

If it flies, risks are involved. Airworthiness and air vehicle safety is where SQEP began, with its founding team members all having served in the RAF – one of the most rigorous environments for airworthiness in the world.

/02 Vehicle Safety

Safety is not unique to aviation.  The knowledge and experience our experts can bring to ground vehicle projects, both crewed and autonomous; is invaluable in a sector which is increasingly looking to emulate aviation safety standards.

/03 Environmental safety

The ethical and regulatory requirements of your project extend beyond the immediate impact of the equipment itself.  We can help you ensure that all your environmental obligations are considered, mitigated and met, synchronous to your engineering safety needs.

Training, developing, delivering and supporting the UK’s foremost safety-assurance expertise Excellence in safety and air worthiness engineering for frontline platforms

“A level of knowledge second to none, and the professionalism to turn that in to direction and advice”

Head of Certification | Aerial Vehicles

“With SQEP I get someone who can do a job, not someone who needs a job.”

Technical Airworthiness Authority | Rotary

“We were in dire need of your kind of input – the kind that gets us to the end in the best shape.”

Delivery and Programme Lead | Land Systems

“You guys just get it.”

Foreign Military Service Liaison | Rotary


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