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Suitably Qualified & Experienced Personnel – SQEP

SQEP Ltd provides specialist resource and recruitment services into the aerospace and engineering fields. With an extensive associate base of Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel for the aerospace and engineering industries, we meet your business needs by careful selection of high quality experts to address your immediate and enduring requirements.

Our Founders benefit from an extensive background in aerospace, underpinned by engineering careers in the Royal Air Force, making them a trustworthy judge of SQEP. Using a robust certification and validation process, we work in partnership with you to assess your business requirements and ensure that we only supply SQEP that meets your every need. For our Associates this means that we will only place you in an environment that matches your capabilities.

Our Approach

We grow collaborative relationships with our clients, allowing us to understand their complete business requirements. The result is we only provide SQEP candidates who meet our clients’ needs. You can have confidence that our associates will deliver the benefits you require.

Our Service Promise

Our Executive Team is formed of experts within the field of aerospace, defence and safety. We use this expertise to listen to our clients and understand their needs. This understanding ensures we will only place SQEP that we are confident can deliver.

Our Unique Team

Our robust assurance process rigorously checks the credentials of each associate before they are declared SQEP Assured against a role. This ensures we only place experts in positions that they can deliver effective and efficient solutions for the clients. This has developed a confident and capable team that can be trusted to deliver.