Proven backgrounds
and a commitment
to delivery

Where others indulge in complexity, we focus on the fundamentals. We do this by simplifying the approach to the highly complex nature of procurement and project safety and engineering problems our clients face.

/01 Programme Recovery

Get your programme
back on track for success

Certification issues can easily set a programme spinning into costly delays and revisions. It can be difficult to chart a revised route to success, let alone be confident you can avoid the same issues recurring again in the future. You need experience, pragmatism and best-in-the-business expertise. You need SQEP.

Programme diagnosis and recovery strategy +

When you’re embroiled in a problem it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. We provide a fresh pair of eyes to help diagnose the immediate issues and strategise the best way forward.

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Liaison with certification bodies +

Our certification experts are both experienced and up to date in the world of aviation regulations. We maintain strong relationships with certification bodies which can help streamline your liaison needs.

Recovery partnering and assured routes to success +

Our mission is to support you to succeed. From the moment we are brought onboard we become part of the same team with the same aim. You can rely on us to mentor and guide you as required.

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/02 Programme Partnering

Avoid programme pitfalls and
achieve certification first time

We deliver our best value when introduced from the start of a programme. This allows us to align with your team early, while gaining a more holistic understanding of the project. We are able to strategise a certification plan long in advance and avoid costly retrospective revisions and delays.

Certification strategy subject matter expertise +

Providing the knowledge of regulatory requirements that will enable you to incorporate your certification needs into your plan from the start.

Transposition of regulatory compliance for Foreign Military Sales +

Regulations vary from nation to nation. We can help your team plans early for these differences so that your programme is not unduly delayed on account of them.

Civil-to-military regulatory compliance and schedule transposition +

Military vehicles are subject to greater stresses than civilian ones and as a result have different regulations. Our experienced personnel will help you interpret and transpose these.


The right people in
the right place
at the right time

Sometimes, when you have it all in hand, you just need a critical friend to advise you. In those situations we are able to provide people with the right qualities to augment your team, helping to ensure that you stay on track to success. We pride ourselves on providing people who share our ethos of professionalism and collaboration and who are able to integrate seamlessly into your team.

Talent integration planning: when, where and who +

Providing engineers with the relevant competencies and experience to meet your specific needs at that specific time.

Vetted to fit in and deliver +

On sensitive projects you need people with the right security clearances as well as the right qualifications.

We make sure everything is in place from day 1 so that our consultants are ready to hit the ground running.

Maximising Capability vs Cost +

Rather than needing to train up your own employees for a specific task lasting a finite period, the benefits of engaging SQEP SMEs far outweigh the costs both in time and money.

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